7 Factors To Consider When Designing A Tag For Your Airline Crew

Gone are the days when airline crew had to make do with basic luggage tags. Airline crew now enjoy a vast array of fully customizable crew tags, including exclusive metal tags and writable reverse tags to identify and differentiate their belongings without any hassle. From personalized PVC plastic tags to hand-stitched leather luggage tags, crew tags offer a level of customization and convenience like never before. The following seven factors will help you design a perfect tag with the right features for your airline crew:

High-quality materials

Compared to a super-strong luggage tag, a  poor quality luggage tag may break or pose a risk of misplacing a piece of luggage. Using durable plastic, flexible fabric, or ultra-durable metal makes all the difference in creating a value-for-money tag.

An assortment of shapes and sizes

When designing a crew tag, it is essential to consider attractive shapes and sizes. Apart from round and square shapes, metal tags are available in heart-shaped, rectangular, and slim rectangular formats of different dimensions.

A variety of colours

Every airline has a distinct colour scheme. A lifetime of travel deserves to remain fresh with a variety of colour combinations. Instead of boring tags, you can choose creatively designed tags in bold or light colours to match your airline colour scheme.

A vivid logo

Airlines of various countries take pride in their logos. It is great to have a crew tag that proudly displays an airline logo along with an address card for easy identification. Eye-catching embroidered crew tags look good and last longer while offering maximum tear and water resistance.

Legible printing

Letters on a crew tag should be easily identifiable to avoid confusion. There is nothing more disappointing than misplacing or losing luggage items to illegible printing. Whatever the travel itineraries of your airline crew, tough printing will not easily let the letters fade away.

A unique style statement

Unlike a generic crew tag, a funky crew tag takes sophistication to a new level. It is a unique style statement likely to get more attention at every travel destination. Style it like you mean it with a cool crew tag that stands out from others.

Special tags

A well-designed crew tag is not only beautiful but also useful. Your airline crew will never fear losing luggage again! Save time and money with premium digital tags that are specifically designed to embed NFC chips or QR codes to trace lost baggage.

January 15, 2021 by todd Mascarenhas