8 Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip
In the current climate, most people have smartphones that they use on a daily basis. If thatdescribes you, you’re probably familiar with how helpful apps can be in many different aspects of your life. Apps can help you order food, reserve tickets to events, or watch movies or television shows - in general, apps can make your life easier. And if you’re planning a vacation, there are several apps you should download before you head out on your next trip to make the
experience as easy and convenient as possible.
Here are some of the eight best travel apps to download before you set out on your next adventure.
Hotel Tonight
The name says it all. This app helps you locate and book a hotel room last minute. When hotels have available rooms for the upcoming night, they will list them with Hotel Tonight for you to book at a reduced rate. It’s better for the hotel to sell these rooms at a lower rate rather than letting them sit empty, so you can use this app to take advantage of that and score some incredible last-minute deals!
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: Free
Before you head out on your vacation, download PackPoint to help you make sure you pack everything you could possibly need. The app has an aesthetically pleasing layout that will guide you through the packing process. It keeps track of what you have already packed and can help you determine what else you might need. You can also get some quick statistics about your destination that could inform your packing decisions, such as the weather conditions you can expect during your trip. The app can even help you plan your packing depending on if you’ll have access to laundry while you are traveling.
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: The basic version is free, and the premium version costs $2.99
MeetUp can be a great option even if you’re not on vacation. If you’re not familiar with it, MeetUp is a website and app where users can create groups that are focused on particular interests, and they can then host events and get togethers for those who are also interested in that thing. You can find MeetUp groups that are centered around hiking, or you can use it to find people who are interested in attending a concert that you might not want to attend alone.
MeetUps are typically informal, so you don’t need to worry about joining these groups as there is no obligation to actually attend the events you see or attend future events. This is a great app if you’re traveling alone, or if you’re interested in making friends while you travel.
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: Free
If you are traveling to a new country where people speak a language you might not be familiar with, TripLingo is a fun and functional app for you to download. Not only does the app include a phrasebook so you can learn the language, but it also includes information about differing dialects, slang, and relevant cultural information that can help you avoid any awkward situations while you travel.
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: Free
Timeshifter is a fantastic app to help you if you are crossing time zones. Whether or not you are particularly sensitive to jet lag, this app can help you prepare a schedule that will help you arrive at your destination fully rested and adjusted to the new time zone. It will tell you when to start avoiding caffeine, and it will even recommend when you should try napping before you even set foot on the plane. Your first Jet Lag Plan on Timeshifter is completely free, so it’s worth trying on your next international flight!
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: The first Jet Lag Plan is completely free, and if you like the service you can buy $25 per year for unlimited plans. You can also buy one at a time for $10 each.
If you’re looking for cheap flights, this app is where you can start and finish your search. It scans over 1,2000 sources to compile a list of the best options and you can sort the results by price and time needed to complete the journey. You can also learn more about what part of the year tends to have the cheaper flights, and set notifications for price adjustments on your desired route.
Skyscanner has a website and a mobile app.
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: Free
Trail Wallet
Keeping track of your travel budget before and during your trip might seem overwhelming, but with Trail Wallet it doesn’t have to be. This app lets you set a budget for your entire trip, and set individual daily budgets as well. You can easily add expenses as they come up and the app organizes all of the information in an aesthetically pleasing layout. Whether you are on a strict
budget or you are simply trying to keep track of your expenses, this app is a great option for you.
Available On: iOS
Cost: Free
Couchsurfing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to do it, you’ll be able to find some great accommodations for free. The app connects hosts who are willing to share a couch or spare bedroom in their space with travelers who want a free place to stay. It’s typically good etiquette to spend time with your host if you decide to couchsurf, and many people enjoy using this app for the friends and connections they make when traveling this way. Couchsurfing also has a
feature for meetups.
Available On: iOS and Google Play
Cost: Free
This collection of eight apps covers most of your bases when it comes to traveling, and you’ll be sure to have a great trip with the convenience these apps will offer you.
April 17, 2021 by todd Mascarenhas