Advantages of Traveling Solo


                Traveling solo is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Traveling by yourself makes you take a giant step out of your comfort zone and helps you to discover what you’re truly capable of. Although it may seem a little frightening at first, traveling solo will give you a whole perspective on the world, you just need to have the courage to take that first step. 


            When your travel with other people, the experience is quite different. While there are obvious perks of traveling with others, such as always having company and someone to make memories with, being able to split the costs of certain expenses, never being alone in scary situations, and always having a personal photographer for when the right photo opt occurs, there are advantages to solo travel as well. 


Here are a few examples of the advantages of traveling solo, rather than traveling with someone else. 


Easier to Make Friends 

            Just because you travel solo, doesn’t mean that you’re always alone. There are so many opportunities to meet people from all over the world. While sometimes this can be a challenge, depending on how much of an introverted person you are, it's not as hard as it sounds. 


Being alone will force you to meet people and put yourself out there. When traveling solo, you are solely in charge of every aspect. There is no one else there to ask for directions or approach others for help when needed, and you are in charge of all your transfers, reservations, and accommodation. Our advice? Talk to people in your hostel and be friendly with locals. 9 times out of 10 it will blossom into a great friendship, even if for only a few days. 


Make Your Own Schedule

            Traveling solo gives you the chance to go at your own pace, be comfortable and travel the way that you want to. There is a high chance that your original itinerary will change when alone and that usually comes with a grand adventure or at least a great story. Having flexibility is one of the biggest perks of solo travel. 


Being flexible allows for change. Perhaps you arrive in a new city and absolutely hate it, or you fall in love with it and want to extend your stay; traveling solo allows you to do that with ease. You aren’t tied down to a set itinerary and there is no one else involved to disrupt their plans or upset the trip. 


Gain Confidence 

            One of the biggest confidence boosters of your life is being forced to do things outside of your comfort zone and actually succeeding. Traveling solo enables you to gain skills that never had before, and others you may have not even known you needed. It challenges your limits and teaches you how to cope with obstacles. 


Traveling solo can be very intimidating and scary, especially if you have never done it before. If you don’t have confidence now, just pretend! Pretend you know exactly what you’re doing, and the real thing will come. Until then, be an inspiration to someone else, boost their confidence and see how it makes you feel. Remember, you had enough confidence to take the trip in the first place, all by yourself. 


Better Chance of Being Helped on the Road 

            “What happens when you need help and you are all alone in a foreign land?” This is one of the main things you will get asked while traveling solo, and it’s something people always worry about. Believe it or not, once people find out you’re alone, they are actually MORE apt to help you. Especially friendly locals and other travelers just like you. 


I think in a lot of cases when people see someone traveling alone, especially a woman, there are some protective instincts that kick in. While this isn’t always the case 100% of the time, there are genuine people all over the world that want to help. Keep in mind, that locals want travelers to enjoy their country, not be scared off by a bad experience. 


Save on Finances 

            Traveling solo gives you the chance to save on finances and stick to a strict budget if need be. While it is possible to save money when traveling with others by having someone to split the cost with, this isn’t always the case. More often than not, the price for a solo experience is still going to be a lot cheaper, even if it were doubled and split in half.


When you travel with someone else, you may feel obligated to do things that they want to do, things you have no desire to do at all. While I am sure that you and your travel partner have a lot in common, there will be differences and disagreements on what experiences are most important. Additionally, travelers will often go out a lot more at night when with other people. It's a lot more fun, and safe, to spend all night at a bar when you're with a group of friends; but that comes with a cost. 


Once you have traveled solo, you will find that it is a lot easier when it comes to finances. You will be aware of what you are and are not willing to spend money on, and what tips and tricks on how to save a few bucks.


            Traveling solo is guaranteed to be some of the best times of your life. You’ll be forced out of your comfort zone to make friends and talk to locals, and you’ll be forced to take risks and ask questions that make you uncomfortable. However, the advantages of solo travel outweigh the bad. Sure, traveling with someone is easier, safer, and more realistic, but doing it alone has the potential to change your life. 


July 14, 2022 by Jason Wallis-Johnson