How to Travel Light and Comfortable
How to Travel Light and Comfortable

 Travelling can be a lot of fun provided you're not carrying your entire house with you on your holiday. Whether you're travelling by car, bus, train or flight, travelling light and comfortable will help you enjoy your trip more and not have you worrying about lugging your heavy bags/suitcases everywhere you go. Sure you need to carry your essential items that you can't possibly live without, like your toothbrush, your sunscreen, your branded shoes, and your expensive night creams. The point is to avoid unnecessary items, the items that you think you might need, but will never use during the whole trip.

 Here are a few tips on how to travel light and comfortable, leaving behind unnecessary extra luggage that is just going to put a dampener on your holiday.

 1. If you're going on a holiday for ten days, pack for 5 days – Most people make the mistake of carrying a different outfit or set of clothes for each and every day of their holiday. Remember that you're travelling to a foreign country where nobody knows you or is going to see you regularly. So always pack for a duration half of the total time that you're going to be spending away from home.

 2. Leave behind things that you are likely to get at your final destination – There is no point in packing and carrying items that you are very likely to get where you are going. Leave them behind at home and purchase them from a store at your destination country/place. Even though they might be a little expensive, it's better than paying for excess baggage at the airport.

 3. Limit the number of bags you're carrying to just 2 or 3 max – Don’t unnecessarily carry too many bags and spread all your travel belongings across all of them. It's easier and more comfortable to travel with one full suitcase as opposed to two half-full suitcases. Also, maybe you'll spend less on shopping if you have no space to bring back all that extra stuff in. Downsizing your luggage is a great way to travel light and comfortable.

 4. Use small suitcases on purpose – If you use small suitcases to pack your stuff, you will automatically tend to pack fewer items. If you take the largest suitcase out of your closet, you will then try to find everything possible to fill up that suitcase and end up packing a bunch of stuff that you won’t even need. If you choose a small suitcase to pack your items, you'll tend to be more selective about what to take with you on your trip.

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September 21, 2017 by John Vladoiu