Why Reusable Products Are the Hottest Travel Trend in 2018
Why Reusable Products Are the Hottest Travel Trend in 2018

Travelers get to experience world from a very different perspective, as outsiders but still getting immersed in the places they visit. A big effect of this is that more and more travelers are realizing the amount of waste generated by travel and tourism and are trying to find ways to reduce the waste they create when they travel. This is why reusable travel products are the best travel trend of 2018.

 Why you should consider stocking up on reusable travel products in 2018


  • Make your travel sustainable: When you use reusable and recyclable products, you generate less waste as you travel. You leave the place you visit as beautiful as when you arrived, not adding any garbage as you traverse the destination.
  • Be a responsible traveler: Many countries are making concerted efforts to reduce the waste they create and recycle as much as they can. They are promoting reusable and sustainable products among their citizens. You can help their efforts simply by not adding to their problems as a traveler and being responsible for the products you use.
  • Do good for the environment: When you use reusable products and products made from sustainable materials, you become a conscientious traveler, one who cares about the environment and preserving the beauty of the places you visit for others who come after you.


Reusable travel products that you should consider buying in 2018


  • Reusable water bottles: Instead of buying water in throwaway plastic bottles when you travel, you can carry a bottle of your own with an inbuilt filter so you have access to safe, clean drinking water anywhere you go. There are a number of reusable plastic, glass, and metal bottles available.
  • Reusable straws and mugs: Straws are some of the biggest pollutants in our oceans and are a big nuisance to wildlife and marine life. If you prefer using straws, look for reusable metal and bamboo straws that are compact and easy to carry with you wherever you go. The same applies to coffee mugs and tea cups.
  • Edible or reusable cutlery: Yes, there are companies that make edible cutlery using grain and flour. They are easy to use, nutritious, and create no waste. You can also carry a small set of metal cutlery that is easy to use, clean, and carry with you everywhere.


There are a number of websites, like Kool Krew, that sell reusable travel products that are funky, customizable, and can be personalized to suit your style.

April 15, 2018 by todd Mascarenhas