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Have you ever thought about why you write unnecessary private information such as your home address, email, phone number etc in your passport?

This is never advisable and can compromise the security of your property. Koolkrewdigital allows you to securely share the right information at the right time. If you did lose your passport, you need only share the information you believe will increase the chances of retreiving it with the person that has found it after they have made contact with you. It is all controlled by you from our free mobile App.


 Activating  the digital 'lost and found' takes little more than a minute....reporting a lost passport is even faster! The 'finder' doesn’t need to enter a location or dial an international number or even have an app to contact you. The finder can simply tap the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip on the inside of the passport cover with the NFC reader on their phone, Alternatively, they can scan the adjacent QR (Quick Reader) code  with the QR reader on their phone. This will allow the finder to report back to you, with only one click, the location of the passport.....even if it’s indoors. You will receive an SMS message to your phone number and email sent to an email address of your choice.

It just works

As our premium passport covers are equipped with NFC chips and QR codes, they don’t require batteries and they always work.

 We use the phone’s built in GPS and cellular network to capture its location and send the information to you, the passport owner.

 If you lose your passport at an airport, you also have the additional benefit of an individual 'WorldTracer' number alongside teh NFC and QR code. This means that your passport is now connected to the SITA WorldTracer system which is the method by which airlines, airports and other major transport hubs use to trace lost items.

Introducing: Passport Profiles

Many people take a picture of their passport and send it to themselves via email, for insurance and security reasons. Koolkrewdigital has introduced the 'Passport Profiles' facility allowing you to easily take a picture of your passport and add it to your profile. This and other information is conveniently accessed and can be changed at any time by yourself via the App.

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