Airport Security Washbags: A Travel Essential

If you are a person who travels frequently or even once in a year, you surely know that packing can be one of the most difficult tasks. It takes days of preparation and several checklists to actually get your bags packed and ready by the day of travel. Liquids and toiletries are among the most important things to carry and these are highly prone to leaks.

A leaking bottle of cream or a squished tube of toothpaste can mean only one thing. Disaster.

This is why you have airport security washbags.

What is an airport security washbag?

Airport security washbags are pouches that are made of a transparent plastic material such as PVC. They can be used to hold your toiletries, makeup, medicines, and so on. They create a sealed environment around your liquid products and ensure that in case of leaks, nothing spills and ruins your clothes and other belongings.

Why should we use an airport security washbag?

They are a great way to keep your belongings organized as well. Instead of digging through your entire purse to find a tube of lipstick, simply organize your make up, medicines, and other belongings into these washbags and place them in your bag. You can find everything easily without making a mess.

Airport security washbags are quite cheap. You can easily get one for just a couple of pounds.

They are made of a robust plastic material and most of them come with a safety clasp. Moreover, these bags can be washed and reused.

They are great for helping you get through airport security checks with ease since most of these security bags are approved by airports around the world. The volume and dimensions of such bags are always standard and compliant with the airport security requirements. The standard dimensions of an airport security bag are 20cm X 20cm with a volume of 1 liter. The dimensions are large enough to hold your travel items comfortably.

The transparent plastic allows for the quick identification of the products within them. They are durable and large enough to store a number of products.

This makes airport security washbags a travel essential.

A washbag of dimensions 20cm x 20cm is perfect for carrying 100 mL bottles and they can be placed in your handbag.

Airport security washbags can be found anywhere. They can even be purchased from an airport duty free store.