Why You Should Carry Tote Bags When Traveling

Are you planning a trip? Are you wondering whether you should bring that cool tote bag you just bought with you on your trip? Totes can be a wonderful, useful, and fun addition to your luggage on a trip. If you still need convincing, read on to know why you should definitely carry that funky tote on your next trip.

 Why Carry A Tote Bag On Your Next Trip


  • Easy to fold away when not needed: Tote bags are usually flexible without any hard edges or sides. What this means is you can fold them up really small and stuff them easily in your big travel backpack or suitcase when you don’t need a separate small bag. You can even buy totes as stuffable bags that fold to the size of a small pouch.


  • Can hold a lot of things: Tote bags are soft bags. The lack of stiffness means that they can be stuffed to capacity and can hold a lot more than you may initially think. This is useful when you have to head out for shopping on your trip but do not want to lug around a big bag for it or carry multiple shopping bags.


  • Come in various colors, shapes, and sizes: Tote bags need not be boring and bland. They are available in event possible color, shape, and size you can imagine. You can get plain totes as well as those with fun and quirky messages or images on them. You can also get totes with messages about pressing issues.


  • Work great as an extra piece of luggage: As they can be stuffed into your bigger luggage, they work very well as an additional piece of luggage. They can be used to carry your essentials while walking around and as a carry on in fights. 


  • Available in waterproof and natural materials: You can choose totes with zippers and buckles made with water resistant materials if you plan to visit a rainy location and have to carry electronics with you. You can also opt for totes in natural materials like cotton and jute if you like natural organic materials.


  • Can be a fun addition to your travel: Totes can be fun and useful accessories for your trips and can brighten up boring, bland luggage. Message and image totes can also help you strike conversations with other travelers at airports and at other places while traveling.


Tote bags are versatile pieces of luggage that are great accessories, look amazing, and can make travel and shopping a lot easier and fun on your next trip.

January 08, 2018 by todd Mascarenhas