Make Travelling Fun By Personalising Your Luggage Straps

Traveling can be exciting, stressful and loads of fun at the same time. These days traveling is not just throwing a few essential items in a bag and rushing off to the airport but has become more of making a fashion statement at the same time. Celebrities won't get on a plane without carrying their favorite Louis Vuitton bag or Chanel stroller so why should the rest of us travel any less fancy? 

Why personalize your luggage straps? 

When you’re at the airport and rushing for check-in or security check or to the boarding gate the last thing you need is the straps of your luggage or bags tearing off or breaking off. This makes carrying around those big heavy bags that much more difficult, not to mention the added stress of having to deal with bags without their straps. 

So don’t just upgrade your luggage to durable and sturdy straps but have your luggage straps customized according to your likes and tastes. 

Personalizing something like your luggage and baggage straps can seem quite peculiar and hard to do but it actually isn’t. These days there are lots of different ideas that you can opt for to personalize your luggage and handbag straps and all you need to do is get your creative juices flowing. 

How to personalize your luggage straps?

You could change the colors of the luggage straps, have funky designs and prints created on them that resemble your favorite characters from movies or TV series. Do you have a favorite superhero, car, bike, actor/actress, animal or bird? The list goes on and on and you could have the same printed or etched onto your luggage straps to personalize them. 

Having personalized luggage straps is also a great way to remind yourself that home is just a few hours away by flight or train or bus especially if you are one of those kinds of people who tend to get homesick while traveling. 

Why KoolKrew?

KoolKrew is your go to for customizing and personalizing all your luggage straps, tags etc. Their hardwearing plastic luggage tags have heavy duty fixing loops to ensure that the luggage tags stay in place and don’t keep moving around. KoolKrew will also customize luggage tags, cosmetic and travel size bags, toiletry and medicine bags and anything else related to traveling. 

Browse through the KoolKrew website and get your very own personalized luggage straps today. Happy traveling! 

April 09, 2017 by todd Mascarenhas