How to Pass Your Time While Being Stuck in an Airport Between Connecting Flights?

A long layover between two connecting flights can be incredibly boring. Every person is faced with a layover at least once in their journey, either due to delay in the connecting flight, or due to unfavourable weather condition, or maybe any other reason. When you are stuck in an airport for an unfavourable length of time, here are some things you can do to kill time.

 . Explore the airport

The first and the most interesting thing to do while in an airport is to explore your options. Before you start running around, find out how to get to your gate. Once you know that, spend time mapping the airport and giving yourself a tour of the various amenities, the airport has to offer.

  • Shopping is always fun.

Now that you know where everything is start with window shopping. Airports have a lot of great gift shops where you can buy unique things to gift to your loved ones. Or well, maybe for yourself. Bigger the airport, more options that you have to shop, eat and have some great time.

  • Explore the area

If you have plenty of time between the two flights and you have permission to explore the area, give that a shot. Some of the best airports in the world are situated in great places that have a lot of tourist places nearby. Please remember, you need a visa to visit a different country.

  • Grab a book

Airports are a great place to read, especially when you are travelling alone. You have all the time you need, comfortable seats, and no one to disturb you. Most airports have a book shop where you can spend some time browsing for books as well.

  • Take a nap

Catching up on your sleep is an ideal choice if you have more time to spend in an airport that does not offer much to see. Airport hotels offer hourly rates which you can utilize and rest without watching out for your belongings being hauled away.

  • Make friends

The airport is a great place to make friends who like you are looking for some idea to pass their time. Look out for curious onlookers who are willing to talk and stir up a conversation.

  • Write

Airport stores offer a wide range of books, including books and stationery you can use to catch up on writing. Write a story, ideas for a blog, a poem, or simply jot down something that comes to mind. Writing is a great way to keep yourself occupied.

  • Listen to music

If you are a music lover, then that's all you need while waiting in an airport. Music not only helps to pass your time but also keeps your mind and body relaxed.


Airports can be a boring place if you let your mind believe that it is boring. There are many things you can do to keep yourself occupied and entertained, as long as you believe that it can be fun.

July 03, 2020 by Jason Wallis-Johnson