Travel Mistakes You Must Avoid While Vacationing Abroad

Frequent travellers often tell you what to do when you travel. You get a list of all the 'must-see' attractions, the best place to shop, famous cuisine, and more. Wouldn’t it be more helpful if travellers share the mistakes they have made that has costed them time and money?


Here is a list of common travel mistakes that you must avoid, especially when you are vacationing abroad.


  • Do not exchange money at an airport. As convenient as it may seem to be, you will get the worst exchange rates. You can be assured that you will be ripped off.

  • Eating at a restaurant near a major tourist site may seem to be the best decision as you save up on a lot of time. But did you know that these eateries offer food at double the price? The flavour is not half as good as the food you find elsewhere.

  • Traveller's checks are useless these days as very few banks accept them. You will be wasting a lot of time trying to find a back to cash the checks.

  • Did you know that your bank could levy a foreign transaction fee on your card in addition to other surcharges if you use them abroad? Make sure to look around for non-fee option.

  • Traveller's insurance may seem like an added expense, but as you are about to travel to the unknown, it is a vital tool that protects you from medical and non-medical emergencies.

  • If you think hostels are unclean, smelly, have more bed-bugs than guests, and is suitable for students travelling abroad, then it is one of the major mistakes you would be making. It is a stereotype that you will regret believing.

  • Taxis are the biggest mistakes that travellers make. They can cut a deep hole in your pocket unless you are splitting it with someone.

  • Going over the budget is a common mistake that many people make and regret later. Plan your vacation well in advance, and keep a buffer amount ready. But make sure not to count the chicken before the eggs hatch.

  • Do not overpack for you will not only be tugging a heavy load, but you may also end up paying extra for the flight.

  • Failing to make copies of essential documents as it would be easier to restore everything if it is lost.

  • Did you know that you could be entitled to a significant amount of money if your flight is cancelled, delayed, or overbooked? Don't be clueless about your passenger rights.


There are many travel mistakes that travellers make. Talk to your traveller friend and find out what mistakes they made. Don't forget that time is worth more than money and time once lost can never be gained back.







September 27, 2020 by todd Mascarenhas