Stand Out From the Crowd With KoolKrew Handle Wrap

The KoolKrew handle wrap fits nicely around any luggage strap or handle. Embroidered on durable material, the wrap closes snugly around the handle with velcro. It makes handling luggage not only comfortable but also makes your luggage stand out from the rest. Most of the luggage in any airport is of standard black color and gets lost in the many suitcases lying around in a high traffic area. The KoolKrew handle wrap makes your luggage distinctive. It is not only an excellent method to make your luggage visible from distance, the thickness and little padding in the handle results in extra comfort.


The KoolKrew handle wrap will impart uniqueness and difference to the luggage. This comes in handy when your luggage gets lost in the large number of suitcases, bags and holdalls all being the same color and size. You can find the bag much easier. There is another benefit too- your luggage will not only be easier to find, but also prevents some other person to steal the luggage. There are also a number of other reasons:

  • The distinctive KoolKrew handle wrap could prevent criminals from picking up your luggage. This could specially happen during airport transit. Thieves wait for taking a chance during the airline check-in process.
  • Chances of getting your luggage swiped radically decrease as thieves prefer unmarked luggage. The reason for such a preference is that if they got caught, they could always claim that the wrong luggage has been mistakenly picked up by them. These kind of incidents are common with passengers carrying small suitcases as most people do not bother to put a handle wrap on their small suitcases.
  • In case of frequent travelers, it is a well-known fact that many cases of lost luggage are due to mismanagement by airline or airport staffs. 
  • Best of all, if by any chance, your luggage gets misplaced, the description provided by you will help to track that specific luggage.

The KoolKrew handle wraps keep you in good stead even after you disembark from the aircraft. Luggage can be misplaced in any situation- like when you travel from the plane to the airport building. The wraps give the suitcases a distinctive mark which makes identification easier. You can buy handle wraps individually or in bulk. KoolKrew handle wraps are well made and are perfectly safe for people who are allergic to some