Why are Personalised Passport Covers Awesome?

Ever spotted a personalized passport cover in a teenager’s hand while you are waiting at the airline lobby for your flight? You may have wondered what purpose something like that would serve. But, at the same time, you could not refrain from thinking how cool it looked.

Personalized passport covers have become a trend not only among youth, but also older people who would like some more color in their lives. Frequent travelers often change their passport covers to match their destination or travel purposes. 

Brands like KoolKrew make some of the finest personalized passport covers customisable to your preferences. Before you get to that, here are some reasons why passport covers are awesome.

Protection: Your regular passport already has a protective cover which is pretty resistant. But to extend your passport’s longevity, it is a wise idea to invest in a passport cover. More so if you are traveling to a location that has cold or wet climate. The last thing you need is your precious passport getting damaged.

They make them easily identifiable: When you are hurriedly looking through your bag for your passport, it becomes very easy for you to identify this little book when you have a personalised passport cover. You could have a quirky cover that catches your eye amongst the various travel items you have stowed away in your bag. 

Make your passport attractive: A passport, although a valuable piece of identification, is also rather drab to look at. Why not add some glamor to your travel by picking up a personalised passport holder?!

Make new friends: An attractive passport holder is surely going to have some people complimenting you. Tell them about KoolKrew and how easy it was for you to customize your holder. Easy way to make new friends and have a more enjoyable flight.

Security: A holder can sometimes camouflage your passport and make it look like a notepad. This will prevent passport thieves from targeting your passport.

KoolKrew offers either handmade and hand printed products made by their crew in London. Customise your passport cover with unique designs such as photos or quirky text. The covers are made with real Italian leather, so you can expect your KoolKrew passport cover to last you a long time.

KoolKrew has customised passport covers for children and your entire family. Browse through our collection and choose from their wide variety of luggage and travel accessories.