The World’s Best Adventure Travel Destinations
Itching to go on an adventure? Are you the kind of person who’d rather take the road less traveled and have an opportunity to explore unknown locales by yourself? Perhaps, you’re bored of lounging around a resort on a holiday. You’d much rather pick up your bag and wander into the wilderness to be one with nature. If this sounds like you – you, my friend, are an adventure traveler.
Adventure travel also encompasses a variety of activities such as hiking, scuba-diving, bungee-jumping, snowboarding and so on. Many travel destinations around the world offer facilities to participate in these activities. Want to know learn about these places? Read on.
Australia – A list of the world’s best adventure travel destinations is incomplete without mentioning Australia. Australia provides a plethora of adventure travel opportunities from hiking to snowboarding, snorkeling, bungee jumping, white water rafting – you name it! Explore the Great Barrier Reef or take a ride through the Outback, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to adventure in Australia.
New Zealand – New Zealand is a close second when it comes to topmost adventure travel destinations in the world. Go bungee jumping, zorbing, jetboating to your heart’s content. Queenstown is the extreme sports capital of the world and worth a visit for any adventure junkie worth his salt.
India – India might seem like an unlikely mention on this last. But its geographical diversity cements its place here. You’ll find everything from busy cities to vast deserts, rocky mountains to wild forests in India. Go on a safari in Kaziranga or bungee jump from Rishikesh. The adventure travel possibilities in India will not disappoint you.
Other places worth mentioning for adventure travel are – Thailand, US, Germany, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Morocco, Vietnam and Colombia. When out on your adventures, you will be away from civilization for long durations. When you do find electricity sources, you won’t want to have to worry about the socket size of the switchboards available to you. Carry travel power plug adaptors from to charge your devices anywhere. Our range of travel document holders will keep your important documents like tourist permits and passport safe. Adventure travel can be loads of fun, given that you come prepared for the difficulties that you might encounter. Koolkrew sells a host of equipment to make your travel adventurous, comfortable, and convenient. Shop now.
December 24, 2018 by Marc Doucette