Travel Trends for 2019

2019 will be an important year for travel. Advancements in technology and a growing insatiable appetite for unique travel experiences are raring to propel the travel industry to new heights. You may already have a fair idea of the hot destinations that people will rush to, come holiday season. But do you know how they’ll be spending their time there and what will drive them to pack their bags and hop on that flight? Let’s find out –
1. Micro-trips – Let’s face it, people are busy with their jobs and careers. The only time they get to unwind is the weekend. Travel aficionados will be capitalizing on this time to explore local areas and make the most of their short getaways.
2. Meaningful experiences – Gone are the days when you traveled to a place only to see the sights listed on a tourist guide's itinerary. Travelers today tend to seek out travel experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives rather than sights that they will forget sooner or later. Living and sharing meals with a local family, shopping at the local market and interacting with friendly strangers mean more today for a traveler than visiting the nearest monument.

3. Off-season travel – Nobody likes traveling to crowded places. Travelers increasingly like to embark on their travels all year round. So they can benefit from the more affordable prices and soak in a more authentic local experience.

4. Unexplored destinations – You've been to Paris, Prague and Thailand. Now, you want to explore the far and hidden corners of the world that still haven't been able to come into public attention. People will travel far and wide to a distant unexplored location in 2019 to feed the wanderlust in them.
5. Traveling with a conscience – Sustainable travel will continue to become bigger this year. People will respect the cultural norms of their tour destinations and be sensitive to environmental needs. They will litter less and be more environmentally aware as they set forth on their travels.

6. Sensitivity to social issues will matter when it comes to picking a travel destination – Woke people of today do not take well to discrimination. Before traveling to a new place, the traveler would want to acquaint themselves with how LGBTQI-friendly and minority-friendly their travel destination is.

Travel will boom further in 2019. The trends discussed above are only a handful of the various trends posed to make a mark this new year.