Top 5 beautiful airports in the world

Ask travelholics the one thing that they hate about traveling, and most would answer, flight delays. Spending hours in a boring airport waiting to board a flight can test the patience of even those who are 100 percent committed to travel. The ordeal of travelers who have to wait to board a connecting flight can be even worse, especially when they are already experiencing the symptoms of jet lag. Flight delays, however, can be less painful inside a beautiful airport. Below are some airports that have constantly featured in the list of most beautiful airports in the world.

 1.Beijing Capital International Airport

 Inaugurated in 2008, Beijing International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. The airport has three terminals. The T3’s roof is coloured in red. Ceilings use white strips for decoration and also indicate direction. A mesh of skylights is specifically designed to bring natural light into the building. These skylights tint white, yellow, and red as passengers pass through the concourse. The T3E waiting area features an indoor garden, whereas the T3C has a tunnel landscape of an underground garden.

 2.Marrakesh International Airport

 Marrakesh International Airport is a classic example of how modernism and traditional Islamic architecture can co-exist side by side. Completed in 2008, the airport boasts a number of stunning architectural features such as an overhang, a facade that casts Arabesque shadows, and photovoltaic pyramids.

 3.Barajas Airport , Spain

 Inaugurated in 1933, Barajas Airport has undergone several facelifts. In 2006, a new terminal, Terminal 4 was added to the airport. The terminal features an intricately crafted corrugated bamboo and metal skylit roof supported by colorful pylons. The terminal is designed to create daylight filled canyons that help passengers get some much needed fresh air and sunlight after a long, tiring flight. The terminal’s linear shape helps passengers avoid confusion.

 4.Incheon International Airport, South Korea

 Inaugurated in 2001, Incheon International Airport is South Korea’s largest and busiest airport. The airport uses multiple design elements inspired by ancient Korean architecture. The roof, for instance, mimics the design of roofs used in ancient Korean temples. Indoor gardens feature colourful vegetation that is easy on the eyes. The hallways of the airport house rare Korean artifacts.

 5.Malvinas Argentinas International Airport

 Malvinas Argentinas Airport is the southernmost airport in the world. Located against the backdrop of  the majestic snow-capped Andes mountains, the airport serves as a gateway to the Antarctica and Patagonia. The airport’s rustic A-frame design blends with the breathtaking backdrop.

September 14, 2019 by Anthony Marris