Travel Trends To Look Out For In 2020
The new year is just around the corner. Travel enthusiasts will have busied themselves in making potential travel plans already. But what travel trends would rule the travel industry? Will we see sustainable travel receive an even bigger boost from this year? Do solo trips continue to be a popular option, or does it fizzle out? Let’s learn below –
Nakations – Nakations is the term given to vacations with swimwear strictly optional. Skinny dipping has been catching up, and more and more individuals are coming out as naturists, comfortable in the nude. Expect nude camping, swimming, yoga, and much more in the coming new year!
Ancestry Travel – Ancestry travel or tracing your lineage back through travel is growing in popularity. People are increasingly setting off in search of where their forefathers belonged to. It could be a counter to rising nationalist sentiments, with people trying to find shared genetic links and cultural origins.
Bunk Beds Reimagined – Bunk beds have been a patent in traveler dormitories and cheap hostel accommodations. 2020 will witness bunk beds in a new avatar. Hotels are now introducing bunk beds into their rooms instead of double beds, which are both space-saving and fun.
Flight Shame – Climate crusader Greta Thunberg’s acts have received widescale attention and praise. Environmentally-conscious and wary travellers will give into the concept of flygskam or flight shame, rethinking the number of flights they take. They will turn to more eco-friendly tourism methods, such as trains, instead.
Insta-tourism – People no longer take vacations without posting snapshots of the same on their Instagram. In 2020, this behavior might escalate. Some people could begin to take vacations for the very purpose of adding content to their social media page. 
Micro Trips – 2020 will be the year of micro trips. Not all of us may have the time and money to go on extended luxury trips. Short yet experience-dense trips will rule in the next year. One-day trips, weekend getaways, and more will experience a rise in popularity. 
Literary Travel – Imagine going in search of your fictional literary hero’s hometown? Sound good? It does, to countless other bookworms too. Literary travel is fast catching up, and people are booking vacations in the locations mentioned in their favorite novels. Literary festival travel is also gaining currency.
We've discussed only a handful of the travel trends that one can expect to witness in 2020. Let the new year roll around, and you will experience more in person!
November 28, 2019 by Jason Wallis-Johnson