Weirdest Food Around The World For Travelers To Try!

Do you think you have a strong stomach? It's better you think twice before you answer, because here is a list of the weirdest foods from around the world that you dare try.


  1. Shirako is a delicacy from Japan that looks like a miniature brain or white blobs of goo and has a sweet custard taste. Shirako in Japanese means 'White Children', but what's intriguing is that it refers to the sperm sac of angler fish, pufferfish, or codfish.
  2. Balut is a fertilized duck egg from Philippines eaten with salt, chilly, and vinegar. Simple, isn't it? Imagine a partly-developed embryo inside the egg that's boiled alive; and you tap a hole in the shell, consume the savory liquid, and gulp everything inside, including the feathers and bones.
  3. Huitlacoche is a culinary specialty in Mexico and means sleeping excrement. Corn cobs with a tumor-like growth covered in blue-black spores or fungus are usually thrown out, except in Mexico where it's enjoyed for its woody and earthly flavor.
  4. Casu Marzu is a type of cheese from Sardinia, Italy, and is made from Pecorino that has gone really bad. Larvae of cheese flies are added to this cheese, which hatch inside and burrow around digesting the fat. The Cazu Marzu cheese is eaten with or without the maggot.
  5. Century Egg from China, also known as hundred-year eggs or pidan, are eggs covered in clay, ash, and salt for months. The eggs rot until the yolk is dark green, and they stink of Sulphur.
  6. Prairie Oysters are no oysters. The delightful dish is made from bull testicles in Canada. They also go by the name Rocky Mountain Oysters and are served during summer. The bull testicles are either stir-fried, sautéed, or stuffed, and are served with herbs, spices, sauces, and dips.
  7. Sannakji is a South Korean delicacy wherein a live octopus is eaten either whole or in pieces, depending on the size of the octopus. It is served raw with a splash of sesame oil while its tentacles are still squirming around. Swallowing down this delicacy is indeed an experience to remember.
  8. Fried brain sandwich is a dish of the past that served a fried cow's brain and was over 30 months old. The meal was popular in Central US until mad cow disease posed a threat. Fried brain sandwich is illegal in the US but is still being served in a few places.


There are many other weird dishes all over the world that test how strong your gut is, such as deep-fried or chocolate-covered locusts, fermented horse milk, white ant egg soup, crispy tarantulas, and more.